Serving and Supporting Seniors and Veterans

Short-Term Stays & Respite Care

Palm Valley offers both short-term stays and respite care, where you can enjoy many of the same benefits of long-term residents in addition to other services you might need. Perhaps your usual caregiver is going out of town and you need a place to stay for a week or two. Or, maybe you recently finished physical therapy after an injury, but are not quite ready to go back regular routine. In these situations, and more, Palm Valley Assisted Living can help.

You’ll enjoy a fully furnished private apartment; plus, whatever extra support is required to make you feel right at home, Palm Valley Assisted Living is happy to help. Dine with other residents every day while partaking in numerous social activities. It’s a wonderful environment to relax and laugh, which are both essential to any healing process.

Availability varies, so contact us to learn more about current options.