Serving and Supporting Seniors and Veterans


What People are Saying

My favorite part about living at Palm Valley is my new active lifestyle! I finally feel like I have the time and energy to pursue my hobbies, without the hassle of keeping up with my house. At some point, it just becomes too much and you have to think about how you really want to spend your days.

Thelma Carter - Senior Female, Age 80

At Palm Valley Assisted Living, I enjoy the camaraderie and socialization with other veterans. I didn’t realize how much I missed having friends.

Ron Sommers - Senior Veteran Male, Age 70

“We love coming to visit my dad here, and it takes a lot of the stress away wondering if he’s ok. He gets his own personal space and I get the peace of mind knowing that he’s not alone. We’re both extremely pleased with the decision we made.”

Weston Johnson - Son Speaks Regarding the Experience of his Dad, Age 75